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Gisèle, the goofy fluff

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Hi CatTo friends,

I will tell you something about Gisèle of the Catplanet (in short Gisèle).

Gisèle is a red white blotched female Maine Coon kitten, born on March 3rd, 2018 in the Netherlands. She is the daughter of Mr. Mister of the Catplanet and granddaughter of Beluga of the Catplanet.

At +5kg at 8 months, Gisèle is quite big for her age. But she has this fluffy fur coat that gets creased (I can’t find a better word to describe it) while she sleeps. When she awakens from her nap, she has this creased face and fur which make her so cute. She also has these cute paws with long white fur between her toes. It’s to die for…

Gisèle has a nickname that we use all the time. It is for me a bit strange to write “Gisèle”, because we know her as “MiuMiu”. And before you think we named her after some high end fashion brand, I will explain how she got this name.

From day one Gisèle made it very clear to us that we are her servants and that we had better answer to her wishes directly. When she wants something, mostly ‘give me attention’, ‘pick me up’, ‘carry me around so I can smell at everything’, ‘caress me more’, she miaows two times and it sounds like “miu miu”. It is so adorable, that we quickly referred to her as MiuMiu. And although we laugh about it, saying "MiuMiu thinks she owns the place", we find ourselves being at her service... I guess we're the ones to be laughed at ...😁

She acts in a similar way towards the other cats. She will make noise and start to lick the cat who’s sitting where she wants to go (and not nice licking as Gaby does) until the other cat has had enough of the disturbance and goes away. We have also seen her perform the 'cuckoo' technique: lay down close to the cat/object you want to go away and then start pushing until the other one falls from the coach or whatever surface Gisèle decided it was her place.

MiuMiu also likes to be picked up. First she will smell your face, and without any shame subjugate your eyes, ears, nose,…etc. to a very close inspection. Then she will install herself in your arms and hang down with her front paws. What comes next varies: either she’ll begin to wash herself, or she will ask you (“miu,miu”) to walk with her so she can smell at things she cannot access on her own.

In short, Gisèle is a very special cat, who will conquer your heart from the first minute you see her. I’m sure we will experience a lot of adventures with her and I cannot wait to see if her offspring will have the same attitude 'the world revolves around me"😂.

Thank you for your time and reactions and until next time.

CatTo Cattery


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