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Anaïs, our little princess

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Dear friends of CatTo Cattery,

Today is all about our little princess, Anaïs.

Anaïs, a Black White Silver Mackerel Maine Coon female, was born in the Netherlands on March 30, 2018. She is just stunning !! I can’t find a better word to describe her.

She does not have a pedigree, but her magnificent fur makes up for that together with her big wide tail. Her tail is double as thick than a normal Maine Coon and is very flexible: she can bend it so that her tail rests on her back. It is quite a funny sight.

Anaïs was the first kitten we reserved for our cattery. We were taken away by her beauty, but also by her strong character: being the smallest kitten from the litter, she had to be though to withstand the other kittens, especially her brothers. This has made Anaïs a cat with a strong will, while staying kind and tender. Because of her tenderness and beauty I often call her ‘principessa’, princess.

She talks a lot and loves it when you caress her. Being picked up is not always her cup of tea, but she loves to be near you. For example when I’m working she sits on my desk, often with Louise, just to be near me. When I go somewhere else, she will follow. She also likes to snuggle next to you on the coach and get a lot of caresses.

While sleeping Anaïs twists and turns her body in the most impossible positions. Her most preferred position is laying on her back, four paws in the air. She does this since she was a kitten.

Her favorite toys are cat tunnels, she can play and sleep in them for a whole day, always getting back to the same little tunnel. We have two tunnels, one long tunnel made from crispy material with a third hole in the middle and another tunnel which is shorter but is made from wool and has two pompoms hanging in the front and the back.

As I am writing, Anaïs is sleeping in her little tunnel, her body half twisted with her back legs in the air. Louise is sleeping next to me on my desk. Yes, it is sleeping time at the cattery until half past ten tonight, when they will all get up and get wild... So I'll best enjoy the calm while I can

Thank you for following the stories of CatTo Cattery.

Kind regards

CatTo Cattery

Our princess

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