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A Little About Us

As a child, Kathleen was raised among cats and fell in love with these affectionate little creatures. When we first met, she already had 8 cats. As time went on, some of them died due to illness, old age and, sadly enough, accidents. In 2018 we decided to get a new cat and fell madly in love with 2 Maine Coons: Louise and Josephine.  They are so tender, kind and affectionate that we talked about adopting another one. After a great deal of to-ing and fro-ing CatTo Cattery was born. Since then we have 8 Maine Coons. 2 neuters - Josephine & Gisèle, 1 male - Master Yoda of Whitfreynick  and 3 females - Anaïs, Gabi Refige, Exceptionella's Elza, Gabi von Hresvleg and Lucy Blue Diamond Patrol; in addition to 3 house cats - Muguet, Victor and Amandine. We love them dearly and in this loving, caring way we will raise each litter as a part of our family.

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