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These are the general condition that apply when buying or reserving a kitten from Catto Cattery


If you want to adopt a kitten, please contact us using the following email address:, or via the website.

We advise you to include your general or specific interests or wishes: a kitten already presented for adoption, color, sex, ….

This enables us to keep you better informed concerning existing and upcoming litters.




A kitten cannot be reserved or bought without a visit to the Cattery

The kittens must be 8 weeks old before they can receive visitors.

Visits are only possible after making an appointment. You can contact us through:


Phone: +32 0490 43 07 67



During or after a visit an already born or expected kitten can be reserved.

The reservation price is € 500. If at a later stage you do not wish to continue the purchasing process, the reservation price will not be repaid.

The reservation price will be taken into account when concluding a purchase.



Taking your kitten home

At 15 weeks old, the kittens are ready to go home with you, as soon as the total price has been paid. We can also bring the kitten to your home. For this we ask a compensation of € 0,40/km.

Ask for your KittenCarePack for first time Catparents.


At that moment the kittens will be dewormed according to the schedule, free of fleas and ticks, vaccinated, chipped and neutered.

On top of the kitten’s veterinary passport, and where applicable his pedigree, you will receive a starting package of Royal Canin, including some toys and a blanket with the odor of the litter.

Additional toys can be bought.


In order to transport the kitten, we ask to foresee a transport bag for cats or bench. The kitten will not leave in any other transportation device.

If necessary, a bench can be bought on the spot.

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