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The Neuters

Louise & Josephine are half sisters - same father. They were the first Maine Coons to join our little family and launched our adventure into CatTo Cattery. Josephine is the most adventurous,  she is the only one venturing out. Louise is the "mater familias", watches everyone and corrects them if they do something wrong. Gisèle joined their ranks last week 06/2020, this is an unfortunate event since she was one of our Queens. She was diagnosed with uterine problems, so for her safety and that of eventual kittens, we decides to sterilize her. She is still the fluffy goof she was, and we hope to have her for a long time going.

Gisèle of the Catplanet


In Memoriam

We have loved and cherished each and everyone of our cats as if they were our children. Feeding them, playing with them, cuddling them (when they would allow it of course) and providing the best medical care. As it goes in nature, some of them reach a reasonable age and some of them go way too young. It hurts losing a loved one, even when on age, but losing someone at a young age, that pain is indescribable.

Let's keep our memory of them alive, remembering the wonderful time we were given together.


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