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And now they are gone ...

Last Thursday was The day, the day the new owners came to pick up Ayko and Torvi (Amy) to embrace them into their lives. To my great regret, I was not there when they came for the pick-up and had to say goodbye in the morning.

My sweet girls, who warmed my heart every day for the last 15 weeks. They were waiting for us as soon as the door opened, when we woke up or returned home from work and lay on our laps during a cozy TV evening. From 120 grams to 1.8 kilograms, from 10 cm to 35 cm, we have cherished them for 15 weeks and nourished them with all necessary care and love. Now they are heading on, towards a new life, in the hands of fantastic families. They will raise our furry little creatures with lots of love, to be the beautiful ladies that they are.

Good luck my sweet girls and don't forget we’ll always love you.



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