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1 Week old

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Ayko, Aaron and Amy were born into our family on August 7, 2019. It was really exiting to see these little cuties come to life.

Anaïs is proving to be a real loving and caring mom, nurturing, cleaning and protecting them. Now and then she needs a break and comes to join us in the living room when the babies are asleep.

The first week went on very smoothly, we performed our daily weighing, cleaned the box and supplemented Anaïs with power food to keep up with the high demand for milk .

We could almost literally see the little ones grow. They doubled in weight from 113 gr to over 220 gr. They are so lovely right now, you can see them trying to open their eyes and waddle around.

Please enjoy these pictures and keep posted for the next update,

Aaron, Ayko and Amy

Much of kitten love,


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